Rookie reporter Monique John moves to Liberia from her home of New York City to cover the country’s 2017 presidential election and get her start as a foreign correspondent. But the gutsy young journalist gets derailed after becoming entangled in a horrible relationship with a local man after she moves into his home. Monique lives to tell the harrowing tale in her blog and podcast drama, “Cuckquean,” a special feature on her brand new site,

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Episode I: When Mo Met Bo

Amid adjusting to life in Liberia, rookie reporter Monique John unexpectedly falls for the charm of a shabby yet seemingly sweet man named Boris and becomes his girlfriend. But the honeymoon quickly ends when the sexual tension between them goes south.

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Episode II: The Quiet Before the Storm

In this episode, see how things continue to unravel between Monique and Boris, and find out what officially puts their relationship in the red.

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Episode III: Things Fall Apart

It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for. Find out the gory details of Monique’s phone conversation with Boris’s dirty little secret in episode three.

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Episode IV: Like ‘Sandcastles,’ but With a Twist

Boris apologizes for straying after getting caught redhanded. But Monique has her own skeleton in the closet. Stay tuned for the bombshell revelation that makes things even worse for the unhappy couple.

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Episode V: He Was a Friend of Mine

It was all copacetic between Boris and Monique after she forgave him for cheating with a woman in their group of friends. Then things became stormy again when Boris realized that Monique had also stepped out on him behind his back. Find out more about Monique’s secret lover in episode five of Cuckquean.

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Episode VI: Date Night

The tension rises between Boris and Monique again after she shocks him by secretly sleeping with one of his younger, attractive friends. This while Monique was angry at him for cheating on her first. Can their relationship be revived after this scandalous standoff?

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Episode VII: Rough Patches

Episode seven of “Cuckquean” is here. See what makes Monique stay with Boris, and how their relationship changes in the wake of all the drama.

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Episode VIII: Torture

Things finally reach a boiling point between Boris and Monique after they discover they had cheated on each other. See why in episode eight of Cuckquean.

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Episode IX: Did You See This Coming?

Sick of his overbearing and passive-aggressive behavior, Monique finally breaks up with her cheating boyfriend, Boris. Then when her grandmother dies the next day, Boris comforts Monique as she grieves thousands of miles away from her family. The time of peace and reconciliation between them doesn’t last long, though. Read episode nine to find out about the public confrontation that exposed more of Boris’s lies and schemes—forcing Monique to walk away from him for good.

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Episode X: Me, Myself & Fefe

Camilla de Vil, Boris’s other, mysterious girlfriend, finally rears her head by confronting Monique in front of Boris and their mutual friends during an outing to the beach. Infuriated by Camilla’s attempt to accost her in public, Monique pulls Camilla aside to tell her to back off and explain how much she was hurt by the Camilla and Boris’s affair. Then Camilla gets Boris to admit that he’d been scheming to break up with Monique so that he could get back with Camilla. Here’s what happened in the days that followed after Monique storms off on them at Paynesville’s Tropicana Beach and flies to New York to bury her grandmother.

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